About Us

About Us

New Wave Medical Group was formed by multiple providers from different states who were brought together after working with a newly developed Auto Documentation and Coding tool for clinicians using a ‘Touch Tap Technology’, called IQ Optimizer from Pertexa, enhanced by a Physicist who did incident simulation modelling for nuclear submarines for the British Ministry of Defense, Royal Navy division.

NWMG was established to provide needed services to medical providers (MDs/ APRNs/ PAs/ Physical therapists/ Dieticians and many other healthcare workers) who wish to leave in many cases the highly political institutional organizations who do not value them or their skills and venture into private practice.

This is a desperately needed service to overcome the many restrictions with transitioning to go independant, mostly revolving around complicated logistics (finding legal services, EMR software, insurance credentialing, building contacts, business management, marketing, financial planning, growth, Tax planning, exits) that deters motivated but busy providers.

NWMG through a group of trusted partners who all work seamlessly together provides these services to relieve our transitioning providers from the stressors of starting an independent private practice. NWMG would also serve as a network for inter-independent collaboration and innovation generation. The stressors that would deter a transitioning practitioner are identified below, including the proposed solutions that NWMG offers.


  1. To support providers transitioning into private practice by creating a centralized & streamlined information repository.
  2. Relieve Transitioning Providers from identified stressors.
  3. Opportunity to gain equity within NWMG and with some of its trusted partners.