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A new wave of fiercely independent providers focused on patient care.

Patient Focused Care Using

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New Wave Medical Group is a rapidly growing national medical support group headed by providers who have gone through the hurdles of setting up their own practices and helps cut through red tape helping providers go independent in a stress-free manner, staying independent and have a quality of life. NWMG has partnered with the most affordable best of breed technology, trusted partners and services, constantly innovating to help drive better patient care at lower costs and better outcomes.

Why New Wave Medical Group

NWMG is a rapidly growing National Group, cutting through red tape, and providing full turn-key support.

Providers Have a Common ‘Mission’

Excellent patient care (That is why we got into medicine).

Remain independent (with institutional lack of appreciation, many now wanting to go independent).

Increased Income (More compensation for independent Providers – not more administrators – through improved workflows, technology and innovation).

NWMG members are acutely aware of clinician burnout and want a work-life balance in their profession.

Clinician Wellness (Avoid the highest suicide rates of any profession, females even higher).

Quality of life (can be achieved without a decline in income).

Practice Medicine (We are clinicians, not data entry clerks!).

NWMG achieves these by facilitating a consortium of the best:

Technology (Provider driven and clinical centric).

Innovation (Constantly innovating).

Services (Full Managed Services).

NWMG represents an evolution for Providers of all specialties who desire to get back to basics of practicing medicine without the headaches. NWMG is backed by a strong dedicated Team and as a free member of New Wave Medical Group, you have has access to many healthcare professionals within and outside its network.

Using advanced technology allows documentation and coding above the Medicare RAC auditable levels to be completed at time of care, extensive reporting to track and measure quality assurance and quality improvements.

Membership is available to Healthcare Professionals by invite: Contact Us

NWMG Founding Providers

Arya Nabavieh, MD

Physician and entrepreneur, supporter of Nurse Practitioners filling the primary Care market gap created by Physicians leaving the profession and getting burnt out. Strong believer of NP to provide quality care using technology as the enabler and not get tied down with administrative tasks.

Dr. Laura Graze, DNP, FNP, NP-C, CPNP-BC, IBCLC, M.Ed., MSN, BSN, RN

Dr. Laura Graze, owner and CEO of Graze Anatomy Family Practice, is a licensed, board-certified and newly independent family nurse practitioner serving the entire state of Florida via telemedicine. She treats all ages and stages of life. Dr. Graze provides a wide range of care specialties within her primary care practice, with a keen focus on family practice and senior care

Osama Kandalaft, MD

Dr. Kandalaft is an ABIM certified and experienced Internal Medicine Hospitalist & Diagnostician. He graduated with honors from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Dr. Kandalaft has published multiple papers with Harvard University at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, completed his residency at Tufts/UMass at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA

Jennifer Seegott, DNP, APRN-IP

Jennifer Seegott, DNP, APRN-IP graduated from Florida Atlantic University. She has many years of experience as a hospitalist and provider specializing in the acute care of the adult and older adult. Dr. Seegott enjoys spending time with her daughters, husband, boating and gardening.

Andrew Akerman, MD

Experienced Diagnostic Radiologist with experience working in the medical practice industry. Strong healthcare services professional with a Fellowship focused in Neuroradiology Fellowship Program from University of Miami.

Joseph Toscano, MD

Emergency and Urgent Care Physician, Clinical Educator.

Ammar Almakkee, MD

Nephrology (Board Certified).

Shaniah Fequant, RN

Expert Remote Chronic Care, developed and implemented personalized care plans. Monthly interactions, documentation and compliance with Chronic Care patients in English and Creole. Liaison with patients PCP and Care teams.

NWMG Support Team

Matt Stevens, Esq

Healthcare Attorney, has been inhouse and external counsel ranging from specialty practice undergoing a multi-million dollar fraud investigation with criminal and civil penalties to solo practices across US. Went independent to create and be an advocate for Providers needs but balance with corporate requirements. Has advised on structure, growth, MSO’s, positions for Private Equity, Medical Groups, Mergers, Acquisitions, Exits.

Dalia Elizalde – SVP of Customer Success

Experienced Practice Office Manager, managed clinics over a 30 year successful history where providers would be seeing up to 35 patients per day in a primary care setting with all documentation and coding done by end of day. Accelerated cashflows and clinic optimizations.

NWMG Strategic Advisor

Jodie Green

Instrumental in the formation and ongoing growth of NWMG as a financial backer as well as defining and positioning the opportunity, driving expansion by leveraging own strategic partnerships with medical professional associations and others, marketing and more for the growth of this forward-thinking clinician-owned medical group. Leading branding, go-to-market and growth strategist across US and global; pharma, biotech, Fortune 500, the United Nations, non-profits; healthcare entities, clinicians (independent practices, large groups, hospitals/health systems), medical device, telehealth, remote patient monitoring (RPM), remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), chronic care management (CCM), pharmacogenomics (PGx; gene-targeted medications; molecular diagnostics), pharmacokinetics (drug development/dosing), health advocacy and care groups/organizations (patients, caregivers, providers). Entrepreneur; startup board member and advisor to and investor in various health and non-health innovative tech companies (AI, gaming, other).

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